Welcome to Kimura Lab. HP

Development of Energy system has been required for the efficient usage of the limited resources. Materials science has been expected as a fundamental technology, and innovative development of materials has been required in order to high efficient conversion of energy. In our laboratory, we have done research and development of advanced structural materials using the advanced facilities and simulation techniques.

Specifically, we are investigating the materials used for fusion reactors and next generation fission reactors. Especially, fusion reactors have been attracted as next generation energy reactor, and countries all over the world have done research and development to realize the fusion energy. ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is under construction in France, and Japan participates in the project. Fusion reaction requires very high temperature plasma over a few hundred million degree. So, the materials used for fusion reactors are also required to have the tolerance to the high temperature plasma. Moreover, the materials are irradiated by neutrons or ions from fusion reaction core, and degrade. The development of the materials used for such a harsh environment is essential to realize the fusion reactors.

In our lab., we are doing R&D for the materials used for such extreme environment, from the view point of multi scale from fundamental studies to applied studies. Some of  challenging studies are carried out as the collaboration works of Japan-EU and Japan-US. Students in our lab. join the project and study worldwide. Contact us, if you are interested in Kimura Lab.